4 Ply Layer Disposable Face Masks – Medical Grade Surgical Masks

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  • Medical Grade - FDA Registered Manufacturer.
  • Protects against airborne particles such as dirt, dust, pollen and debris.
  • One size fits all. Easy to put on and take off.
  • Durable and flexible elastic ear loop band fits around head and ears securely.
  • Adjustable nose strip contour design fits face for a more comfortable
  • Made with breathable 4 ply layer non-woven and melt-blown fabrics.
  • Made in Vietnam.

NOTE: 50 Pack comes inside a box. 10 Pack comes only in a sealed bag.


Product Description:

Protect your face and mouth from dirt, dust, and debris with these 4 ply layer protective face shield masks. Masks are easy to put on and take off with the durable and flexible elastic band. The folding contour design of the mask fits the face more comfortably. When done using the mask, simply take off the mask and throw it away.

Our face masks comply with state mask requirement mandates and are great for airplane travel, airports, carpools, ride-sharing, car trips, bus and train rides, and general traveling.

To help stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, please wear a face mask when out in public and practice social distancing.

NOTE: 50 pack will be shipped as 5 packs of 10 masks.

  • Made in Vietnam
  • Medical Grade
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Size: 17.5cm x 9.5cm
  • Material: 4 ply non-woven fabric and melt-blown fabric

Learn More About Face Masks

What are the benefits of face masks?
Face masks can help protect you from large particles and droplets that may cause sickness or allergic reactions. If you yourself are ill, wearing a face mask will help protect others and help limit the spread of contaminants.


When should I wear a face mask?
The CDC has recently recommended that cloth face masks be voluntarily worn when in a public setting, such as grocery stores and public transit. Requirements and regulations about wearing face masks may differ between states or countries. Check with your local government or authority for what rules apply to you.


How many times can I use a disposable face mask?
Disposable face masks should only be used once and then discarded. The face mask should also be replaced when it becomes moist or wet. Be sure to wash your hands after disposing of a face mask and before putting a new one on.


Will a face mask completely protect me?
Face masks are just one step in protecting yourself. Make sure to take other precautions such as frequently washing your hands with soap and water and practicing social distancing when among other people in public.


What is the difference between a respirator and a normal face mask?
Respirators are normally certified and tested by NIOSH and will be marked with an approval rating (N95, N100, etc). Face masks are generally looser fitting while respirators are more tight and need to be properly fitted by a professional to make sure it is worn correctly. Normally respirators will be labeled as such on its packaging or even on the respirator mask itself. Respirators also feature stronger filtration compared to other types of face masks. Respirator masks may also have a visible valve on them, though that may differ depending on the rating or manufacturer. During this time, it is advised that N95 respirators and other similar respirators should be reserved for hospital staff and medical workers and not used by the general public.


*NOTE: The above information is provided to the best of our ability and is not a substitute for medical advice. We cannot answer medical questions. Consult your doctor about the use of face masks if you have further questions, have trouble breathing, or feel symptoms.

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