Milcoast Individually Wrapped Disposable Bath Towels (15 x 32")

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  • Better Hygiene: One-time use towels size 15” x 32”. Individually packaged for improved cleanliness.
  • High Quality: Made with soft water-absorbent and tear-resistant materials. Absorbs fluid faster and quicker and resists tearing when the towel is wet.
  • Multi-purpose: Great for hospitals, nurseries, homecare, elderly care, hair salon, nail salon, spa center, barbershops and any other use.
  • Soft and Comfort: Made with air-laid paper (fluff pulp), which gives better bulk, strength, and softness. Suitable for any type of skin.
  • Economical: Single use without need to wash. Can be easily discarded when dirty or dried for reuse.

Product Description:

Milcoast Disposable Bath Towels are perfect for quick and easy drying for hospitals, nurseries, homecare, elderly care, senior centers, nursing homes, hair salon, spas, barbershops and more. These towels are single use and do not need to be laundered, saving time, space, and money. If the towel gets dirty, simply throw it away. If the towel is wet but still clean, leave it to dry and reuse it again. Our disposable towels are designed to have high water absorbency and are strong and tear resistant when wet for easier drying.

Each towel is individually wrapped which improves cleanliness and hygiene and makes them easy to grab and use as needed without sterilization first. Wrapped sheets can easily fold to be stored in pockets, purses, storage racks, backpacks, and other compact spaces. Great for hospitals or elderly care which requires a quick response or for self-care services like salons, nail artists, and barbershops that don’t have time to wash towels between clients or want to hand clients towels to dry themselves.

- Size: 15” x 32”
- Material: Fluff Pulp
- Color: White
- Individually Wrapped
- Fragrance Free

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