Milcoast Large 3" x 5" Parking Permit Pass Hang Tags - 10 Pack

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  • Protect your parking lot and parking spaces with parking permits for your employees, residents, tenants, students, or business.
  • Hangs on your car's rear-view mirror. Can be easily moved from car to car.
  • Extra large blank white box for writing or labeling. Simply attach adhesive labels or write with a marker. Can be erased and reused if written on with a dry erase marker.
  • High quality material is flexible, durable, and can withstand cold and hot temperatures.
  • Bright and vibrant color increases visibility for quick and easy verification by guards or personnel. Color visible on both sides.

Product Description:

Milcoast Parking Passes are a great way for employers, businesses, schools, and building owners to protect and monitor parking spaces and lots. Each parking pass is made from high-quality, durable, and flexible plastic that is designed to withstand hot and cold temperatures and is around as thick as a credit card. The large white box provides enough space to paste labels and logos or write license plate numbers, identification numbers, expiration dates, signatures, or other text with a standard marker. Our passes can even be erased and reused if written on with a dry erase marker. Both sides of the pass have a bright and vivid background color to allow for easy verification by security guards or building personnel. Great for employees, residents, tenants, students, or staff.

NOTE: Blank hand tags are completely white and blank.

- Size: 3" x 5".
- Material: Heavy duty flexible plastic.
- Thickness: 0.03”.
- Pack of 10.

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