Milcoast Matte Waterproof Vinyl 2" x 3-1/3" Oval Sticker Paper Labels (20 Sheets)

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  • US letter size 8.5 x 11 inches with 8 labels per sheet for a total of 160 labels. Each label is 2" x 3-1/3”. Printable with inkjet and laser printers.
  • Waterproof - Made with our advanced Milcoat waterproof formula to repel water and prevent smearing. Our paper has been tested underwater for over 24 hours to ensure superior ink retention.
  • Tear-Resistant - Made with durable material to resist tearing and improve weatherproofing.
  • Sticks Tough - Each sheet is adhesive and will bond strongly without peeling to any flat surface.
  • Perfect for car decals, bumper stickers, jar labels, phone and laptop stickers and decals, wall art and murals, DIY crafts, and more. Works indoors or outdoors.
Print long-lasting stickers, labels, decals, posters, and more for your school, home, or office with Milcoast Matte Waterproof 2” x 3-1/3” Oval Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper. Our paper is made with Milcoast’s technologically advanced Milcoat waterproof formula to make this paper repel water and prevent smearing. Our paper has been tested underwater for over 24 hours to ensure ink retention.

Weatherproof, Long-Lasting, and Tear-Resistant
Each sheet is made from durable material for superior ink retention and durability. Our paper stays legible in extreme conditions such as during rain or even when fully submersed in water, making it great for stickers, wall art, car decals, DIY crafts, and more. Each sheet is adhesive on back and will stick firmly without peeling. Matte finish will not reflect light and will allow the normal colors in your photos or designs to show through and allow text to show clearly. Works great indoors or outdoors.

Many Applications and Uses
Milcoast Matte Waterproof Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper is compatible with popular brands of Inkjet and Laser Printers. Our paper is a great choice for all kinds of DIY projects and uses such as wall art, stickers, labels, car decals, bumper stickers, laptop and phone stickers, party and event decorations, door labels, bottle labels, and more.

- Sheet is 8.5 x 11 inch.
- Each label is 2" x 3-1/3”.
- White.

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