Milcoast “Proudly Made in USA” Label Stickers

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  • 2 Rolls of Made in USA labels for a total of 1000 labels. 500 labels per roll.
  • Works great for denoting country of origin on products and packaging for manufacturing and shipping as well as to potential customers.
  • Each individual label is 2" x 3" with large printed letters and image of the US flag for easy recognition and visibility for package handlers.
  • Each adhesive sticker peels off roll easily and sticks to plastic or poly bags or other materials.
  • Labels are water resistant to prevent damage by rain or other forms of weather.

Product Description:

Milcoast “Proudly Made in USA” labels can be used for all your shipping and manufacturing needs. Our Made in USA labels clearly denote the country of origin for products and packaging, making for easy recognition for customs agents, manufacturers, and potential customers.

- Large printed text and US Flag image stand out for easy recognition and clarity.
- Strong adhesive bonds to plastic, poly, and other materials.
- Each sticker is water resistant to prevent damage by rain. (Not made to be submersed in water)

Includes 2 rolls with 500 stickers on each roll for a total of 1,000 stickers.

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