Milcoast "Social Distancing, Stand 6 Feet Apart" Static Cling Window Stickers - 4 Pack

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  • No adhesives required. Attaches to windows and glass doors through static cling. Easy to remove and reuse if necessary. Leaves no residue on glass after removed.
  • Attaches to inside or outside of window. Waterproof and fade resistant to withstand harsh weather.
  • Clear all caps text with bold colors and visual signs for clear visibility and quick detection.
  • 6” x 6” in size to be large enough to see without covering too much window space.
  • Perfect for businesses, offices, shops, storefronts, bars, hospitals, and other buildings and organizations that need to maintain social distancing.

Product Description:

Have a reminder for patrons, customers, visitors, and others to maintain social distancing with Milcoast “Please Maintain Social Distancing, Stand 6 Feet Apart” Static Cling Window Stickers. Easily applies to your window or glass door through static cling without the need for any messy adhesives. Can be removed and reused without leaving residue on the glass. Waterproof to withstand harsh weather when placed on outside-facing side of glass, but can also be placed on inside-facing side of glass if needed.

Bold blue colors, large capital text, and foot iconography are clear and easy to see, and the size is large enough for high visibility without covering too much of the window. Stickers are UV and fade resistant to stay bold and clear. Our static cling window stickers are perfect for office buildings, businesses, restaurants, bars, shops, hospitals, and any place that want to remind visitors to maintain social distancing.


  • Each individual sticker is 6” x 6”
  • Waterproof
  • Can be placed on outside or inside of glass
  • Pack of 4

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